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  • Biodiversity, an essential resource


-News from the Garden of Peace

  • Saragossa – Spain
  • Appointment of the President
  • Brazil
  • Great Britain
  • Enna – Italy


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Expert talk


Francesco Serafini talks about biodiversity, the Resgen Project and the olive germoplasm international collections

‘Biodiversity’ has become a buzz word in the policies of governments and international agencies alike as concern grows over nature conservation in general and the irreparable loss of species. In the case of the olive tree, there is a …

In the May newsletter: Olive growing and CO₂, the olive tree as part of the solution to climate change

News from The Garden of Peace


Inauguration of the Garden of Peace in Saragossa in front of the Alajaferia, one of the city’s most emblematic monuments 

A new bridge sustained by the pillars of peace, tolerance and cooperation has joined the golden thread that the association The Garden of Peace is weaving in the Mediterranean countries and beyond. A new Garden of Peace has been planted …


Great success for the ‘light a candle for women’s rights’ initiative in collaboration with the Brazilian Company Oli Soft 

Venha participar de um gesto de paz. Vamos iluminar a escuridão e ato covarde da agressão e abuso. Uma ação @oli.soft e Marquise do Itau/Unibanco Rua Assis, entre 17 e 19 hs. Come and participate …


Francesco Serafini, president of The Garden of Peace association was appointed Honorary President of the association “Olivares Monumentales de Andalucía”

On 18 and 19 March, the city of Cogollos Vega hosted the first session of the Conference for the Conservation and Promotion of Centenary Olive Trees. The initiative is organised by the ‘Asociación Olivares Monumentales de …


Possible agreement between The Garden of Peace association and the Tremap platform for the use of an app for the geolocation of all implemented Gardens of Peace. First contacts for the implementation of a Garden of Peace in Tremeheere (Cornwall)

Enna – Italy

Procedure started for the creation of a Garden of Peace at the Zagaria park in Enna, Sicily, where there is an important olive tree germplasm bank

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