World Peace Day: A call to action for TGoP

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A call to action for The Garden of Peace 

Every year, on September 21st, the world celebrates International Day of Peace. This date, proclaimed by the United Nations in 1981, is an opportunity to reflect on the need to promote peace and non-violence worldwide. For the association The Garden of Peace, this day holds particular significance as it represents the very heart of the organization’s mission.

The Garden of Peace: Sowing peace worldwide

The Garden of Peace is an association that has made the promotion of peace and unity one of its main goals. Founded in 2019, this nonprofit organization has created olive gardens in various locations around the world with the aim of using these spaces as tangible symbols of peace and tolerance. Each garden is composed of 21 different varieties of olive trees, each representing a different country, and serves as a meeting place for individuals of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

To date, eight Gardens of Peace have been established:

In Italy:
  • At Maestro Andrea Bocelli’s Academy of Music in Camerino, thanks to an agreement with the Andrea Bocelli Foundation (ABF).
  • In Umbria in Paciano, a municipality surrounded by olive trees.


In Spain:
  • In the province of Granada, a region of great importance for the presence of olive trees.
  • In Zaragoza (recognised by UNESCO as the City of Peace), in front of the city’s most emblematic symbol, La Aljafería.
  • In Madrid, at the headquarters of the IOC, the International Olive Council, an intergovernmental body created under the aegis of the United Nations.


In Greece:
  • In Filatria, in the Peloponnese.
  • In Crete, in another international body, at the headquarters of CIHEAM, Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies.


In Iran:
  • In Tehran, with an inauguration planned for next October, various celebrations will take place involving various collectives, including young people, women and other local realities.


Initial talks are underway for the creation of Gardens of Peace in Argentina (in San Juan, home of the fourth World Olive Germplasm Bank), Brazil (Belo Horizonte), Sicily (Italy), Cyprus, Turkey, Jordan, England (Cornwall), the United States, Morocco and Tunisia. Strong interest has also been shown in several other Arab countries.

A message of hope and unity

In a world where conflicts, divisions, and intolerance still prevail in many parts, The Garden of Peace offers a message of hope. These gardens are much more than just green spaces; they are places where people can gather, engage in dialogue, and seek peaceful solutions to conflicts. They are living symbols of unity and understanding among nations.

A concrete contribution to a better world

But The Garden of Peace’s commitment goes beyond the annual celebration. This organization works tirelessly to spread the message of peace and collaboration worldwide. Through the creation of new olive gardens, the promotion of peace education, and support for humanitarian initiatives, The Garden of Peace is making a tangible contribution to building a better world.

The future of peace

In an era where many global challenges require closer international cooperation, the importance of peace becomes increasingly evident. The Garden of Peace is a beacon of hope in this context. Each created olive garden represents a step forward towards a more peaceful and unified world.

On this International Day of Peace, let us reflect on how we can contribute to promoting peace and unity in our community and the world. The Garden of Peace teaches us that even a small gesture can make a difference in building a better future for all.

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