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Laura Formentini’s career, encompassing writing, nonprofit photography, fundraising, and activism, is devoted to supporting humanitarian and environmental causes worldwide. Her initiatives are a testament to the impactful change that can be achieved through heartfelt empathy and committed action. She holds a position as the coordinator of international relations and educational programs at SFT Animal Sanctuary in Tangier, Morocco. Here, she not only oversees animal care and their rehabilitation at the nation’s largest sanctuary but is also instrumental in developing programs designed to foster creativity, aiming to awaken the inner child and promote healing. Her multifaceted approach underscores a deep commitment to nurturing both the planet and the individual spirit.


In 2019, while engaged in a book-writing project in Ethiopia, she faced a personal tragedy with the loss of her 21-year-old son to suicide. This pivotal moment brought an unexpected act of kindness from a stranger, Assefa, offering comfort in her darkest hour. Inspired by this experience, she authored “Twentyone Olive Trees,” a memoir that serves as a tribute to her son and a call to action for embracing kindness. Celebrated for its depth and emotional resonance, the book has been awarded the Kirkus Star and reached audiences in libraries worldwide.

Currently, she is preparing to publish additional works, including “Coming Home,” which reflects her transformative work at an orphanage, and “Sanctuary,” dedicated to animal sanctuaries globally. These forthcoming publications belong to her conceptualized genre of “Love in Action,” advocating for compassion as a healing force for both individuals and the planet.


Laura Formentini’s professional journey is distinguished by her impactful roles and contributions to global advocacy. As an integral part of the European and World Link Coalitions, she works alongside fellow photographers, academics, and animal welfare advocates to champion humanitarian efforts across the globe. Additionally, she employs her photographic talents to document and highlight critical issues worldwide, using her art as a potent means of storytelling and advocacy. Her fundraising efforts extend to supporting orphanages, communities in Africa, and animal welfare organizations internationally, underscoring her commitment to making a tangible difference in various spheres of need.


Her influence and insights have been recognized through various platforms, including a TED talk titled “Love in Action,” which has amassed 1.7 million views and counting. This presentation emphasizes the transformative power of compassionate acts, echoing her life’s work and message. Her achievements and perspectives have been featured in numerous editorials, such as New York Weekly, The Los Angeles Tribune, LA Weekly, Gulf Times, and the London Daily Post.


Laura Formentini is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and a member of Photographers Without Borders.


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