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Valley of the Temples


Where history and beauty meet

In the Valley of the Temples, the Garden of Peace, next to the Temple of Concordia, represents an emblematic fusion of legends from the past and universal values of harmony and coexistence. This mythical union between the Roman goddess Concordia, symbol of unity and agreement, and the Greek goddess Athena, who bestowed the olive tree upon humanity as a sign of peace and prosperity, tangibly underscores the importance of collaboration and mutual respect in building a better future.

The Garden of Peace symbolizes the strength derived from uniting diversity, reminding us that harmony is built by sharing the earth’s resources fairly and respectfully. It’s like a great metaphor for life itself: 21 varieties of olive trees from 21 countries growing together, sharing air, water, and soil, something that sometimes seems so difficult for mankind.

The Garden of the Valley of the Temples