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Cogollos de la Vega

Nature and historical heritage in the “Sierra de Granada”

Within the framework of the evocative “Giardino della Pace” project, which started in the picturesque village of Paciano, Italy, the municipality of Cogollos de la Vega, located in the province of Granada, Spain, enthusiastically joined this initiative and created a unique garden with varieties of olive trees.

Immersed in the lush region of Vega de Granada, just 15 kilometers from the provincial capital, the village of Cogollos de la Vega enchants with its northern location. The toponym “Cogollos” has its roots in Latin “Cucullus,” gently evoking the sweet hills that embrace the place. Since the Paleolithic times, this village has been the cradle of diverse civilizations, and its olive oil production, notably renowned as Loaime, represents an authentic and internationally recognized excellence.

In tune with the spirit of the “Giardino della Pace” project, Cogollos de la Vega passionately embraced the idea of preserving and valuing the diversity of olive tree varieties. Through the creation of a dedicated garden, the municipality is committed to protecting and promoting this arboreal heritage, paying homage to the millennia-old tradition of olive oil and the cultural significance it holds in this region.

The garden of Cogollos de la Vega becomes an emblem of respect for the land and history, a place where different varieties of olive trees harmoniously intertwine, symbolizing a community dedicated to preserving its cultural legacy and promoting peaceful coexistence among different traditions.

Through this initiative, Cogollos de la Vega becomes a spokesperson for a universal vocation of valorizing the olive heritage, contributing to the creation of a more sustainable world that is aware of its roots.

The garden of Cogollos Vega