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Romantic village of peace

The project “The Garden of Peace” took shape in Paciano, a charming and picturesque Umbrian village that can proudly claim the prestigious title of one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy” and the commendable mention of an “ideal village.” Paciano, in turn, derives its name from Janus Bifrons, an ancient Roman god whose myth and symbolism evoke the ideal of peace that permeates the millennial history of this locality.

Located in a region rich in olive groves, Paciano represents an authentic sanctuary for the olive tree, widely recognized as a symbol of peace by all the monotheistic religions of the Mediterranean. This symbolic fusion between the village’s name and the widespread presence of olive trees has served as inspiration for the conception of this innovative and significant project.

The combination of the ancient symbolism of peace linked to Paciano’s name and the historical-cultural importance of the olive has given rise to an initiative of great value, aiming to create a deep connection between the territory, the local community, and the agricultural heritage. This project constitutes a shining example of how the conservation of natural resources and the respect for traditions can come together in a collective effort to promote peace, harmony, and sustainability in a local and global context.

The garden of Paciano