A new Garden of Peace was born in Zaragoza

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A new bridge sustained by the pillars of peace, tolerance and cooperation has joined the golden thread that the association The Garden of Peace is weaving in the Mediterranean countries and beyond. A new Garden of Peace has been planted in Zaragoza, declared by Unesco to be an emblematic site of the culture of peace, in one of the most significant places in the city, in the Aljafería park, right in front of the ‘Palacio de la Alegría’.  The inauguration took place on 21 February and was attended by the Mayor of the city Jorge Azcón Navarro, the Deputy Mayor Natalia Chueca Muñoz, the Director of CIHEAM Zaragoza Raúl Compás López, the Secretary General of the CIHEAM Placido Plaza, the President of the Association The Garden of Peace Francesco Serafini, and the Secretary of the Association Oriano Spadoni. Representatives of the International Olive Council as well as other authorities were also present at the event, as well as students from different countries and citizens of Zaragoza who were enthusiastic about this initiative.


Jorge Azcón Navarro, Mayor of the city and the Deputy Mayor Natalia Chueca Muñoz


As president of the association The Garden of Peace, I would like to thank the entire administration of the Zaragoza City Municipality who worked at all levels to make the Garden of Peace a reality.  Of course, my thanks also go to the CIHEAM of Zaragoza who, together with the Municipality, signed the agreement for the realization of this new garden. The professionalism and competence of all CIHEAM officials was of the highest level.

As required by our statute and the objectives we have set, collaborative activities will soon be proposed so that the Garden of Peace will be the catalyst for synergies that will benefit the territory and thus the entire community.

Thank you again for making this dream a reality.

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