21 September, International Day of Peace

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Today is an important day: the International Day of Peace! #PeaceDay is celebrated on 21 September, at the initiative of the United Nations General Assembly, to invite everyone to lay down their arms and reaffirm their commitment to live in harmony with one another.

This year’s theme is ‘End Racism. Build peace’. ‘Racism’, reads the message sent by the United Nations to prepare the event, ‘poisons societies, normalises discrimination and stimulates violence. We must fight it by countering hate speech, promoting dialogue and addressing the root causes of inequality’.

The association The Garden of Peace (www.thegardenofpeace.org), which I have the honour to chair, bases its principles precisely on peace, tolerance and equality between peoples and takes the olive tree as the catalyst for this message. The olive tree is the plant of miracles, mentioned in the three sacred texts of the monotheistic religions. The olive tree as a symbol of union and where, in the shade of its canopy, we can know and recognise each other.

On this occasion, the association calls on the countries that want to join Italy, Greece, and Spain, to create other Gardens of Peace, so that this golden thread that unites the guardians of the Garden of Peace can be the thread of cultural, touristic, commercial, and artistic activities. The union under the banner of concord opens all doors.

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