Proposal of collaboration with of Moclin in Andalusia

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The executive board of The Garden of Peace (TGoP) association travelled to Andalusia to the village of Moclín to see the possibility of the implementation of a garden of peace.

In this context, a pre-agreement was signed in which the terms of reference for the implementation of the garden were established.

Through an inspection, a view was taken of the area designated for the implementation of the garden. This space is situated in an old monastery now used as a conference and events area.

The TGoP association has been presented with a project ‘El Olivar, Riqueza Natural’, which aims to promote the knowledge of olive growing in schools as a fundamental educational element. The association Garden of Peace fully supports this initiative and will actively collaborate in the implementation of related activities. The details of the project will be the focus of the next newsletter that the association will send to its members in early December.

Moclín derives from the denomination of the Arab-Hispanic word ‘Hisn Iqlim’ or ‘castillo del distrito’, one of the thirty-three territorial districts (or iqlim) into which the Nasrids divided the Kingdom of Granada.

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