Seminar: The olive tree and CO2

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On 10 May, a seminar was held in Cogollos de la Vega, showing how by applying appropriate practices, olive growing is a significant source of CO2 sequestration.

The association ‘The garden of Peace’, in collaboration with the municipality of Cogollos de la Vega (Granada – Spain) organised a seminar on 10 May at the Emilio Muños Agricultural Institute, entitled “The olive tree and CO2, olive growing as part of the solution to climate change”. Internationally renowned experts took part, who showed how olive-growing through the application of appropriate practices is really part of the solution to climate change, sequestering and storing more carbon in the soil and biomass (the vegetative parts) than is emitted to produce one litre of virgin and extra virgin olive oil, with a positive balance of 10 to 1 (1.5 kg of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere to produce one litre of olive oil and 11.5 kg sequestered). The Delegate of the Environment and the Delegate of Agriculture from Granada were present.



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