The Birth of the Garden of Peace in the Valley of the Temples

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By Francesco Serafini and Oriano Spadoni

The Alliance for Peace

With great enthusiasm, we announce the significant agreement reached between The Garden of Peace and the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. This collaboration marks the beginning of an ambitious project: the inauguration of a Garden of Peace at one of the most prestigious and evocative archaeological sites in the world. The primary goal of this partnership is to convey a message of unity and hope through the creation of a space dedicated to reflection and sharing.

Harmony between past and present

In the Valley of the Temples, the Garden of Peace, next to the Temple of Concordia, represents an emblematic fusion of legends from the past and universal values of harmony and coexistence. This mythical union between the Roman goddess Concordia, symbol of unity and agreement, and the Greek goddess Athena, who bestowed the olive tree upon humanity as a sign of peace and prosperity, tangibly underscores the importance of collaboration and mutual respect in building a better future.

The Garden of Peace symbolizes the strength derived from uniting diversity, reminding us that harmony is built by sharing the earth’s resources fairly and respectfully. It’s like a great metaphor for life itself: 21 varieties of olive trees from 21 countries growing together, sharing air, water, and soil, something that sometimes seems so difficult for mankind.

The Garden of Peace as a living symbol of harmony and hope

This evocative representation is a powerful reminder of our ability to overcome differences and collaborate towards a common goal. The Garden of Peace embodies an ideal of coexistence, offering a tangible exemplification of what the world should aspire to be: a place of concord and mutual benevolence among all peoples. In the Valley of the Temples, in this unique context so rich in history and meaning, people can find a corner of serenity and inspiration and carry with them, in their daily lives, the values of coexistence and harmony that the Garden of Peace expresses by spreading this message beyond the confines of the garden itself.

This project is not only a testimony to the commitment to peace but also an investment in the future, demonstrating that through collaboration and mutual respect, the construction of a better world is not only possible but necessary.

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