Tree Day in Italy on November 21

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Celebrating Tree Day in Italy on November 21: A Profound Connection with The Garden of Peace (TGoP)


By Oriano Spadoni, Secretary General TGoP


Dear friends and supporters of The Garden of Peace (TGoP),

On the occasion of Tree Day, I wish to share with you some reflections on the meaning of this special day and its deep connection to our peace mission through the olive tree.

The Importance of Tree Day

Tree Day, celebrated in Italy every year on November 21, is a day dedicated to reflecting on the vital importance of trees in our lives. These green giants play a crucial role in balancing the ecosystem, helping mitigate climate change, purifying the air we breathe, and providing shelter to numerous species of wildlife. Tree Day invites us to recognize and preserve their invaluable worth.

The Origin of Tree Day

It all began in the 19th century, in a small village in Nebraska, USA. A man named Julius Sterling Morton, passionate about trees, moved there with his family and was struck by the lack of trees in the region, which was primarily flat and devoid of forests. Morton understood the importance of trees for the ecosystem and for people’s lives. Trees provided firewood, construction materials, shade on hot days, and contributed to air purification. He decided to raise awareness in the community about the importance of tree planting and began promoting the cause.

Arbor Day

In 1872, Morton succeeded in getting a law passed in Nebraska that declared April 10 as a day dedicated to tree planting, known as “Arbor Day.” On that day, Nebraska residents planted thousands of trees, transforming the region into a greener and more sustainable environment. The idea of Arbor Day quickly spread to other parts of the United States and the world, with various dates established according to the most suitable seasons for tree planting. In 1970, US President Richard Nixon proclaimed the last day of April as the National Tree Day in the United States. Tree Day has become a global celebration of the importance of trees for life on Earth.

The Deep Connection with The Garden of Peace

Our connection to Tree Day is deep and meaningful. As the Secretary-General and co-founder of TGoP, our commitment to peace through an evocative tree like the olive tree is our mission. TGoP is a non-profit organization that promotes an extraordinary message of peace by uniting olive varieties from different countries in a symbolic “Garden of Peace.” This project represents the possibility of harmony and cooperation among nations, even when geopolitical tensions seem insurmountable.

The Olive Tree as a Symbol of Peace

The olive tree has always been a symbol of peace, dating back to ancient Mediterranean cultures. Our use of the olive tree as the central element in the TGoP project is a powerful way to demonstrate that peace can grow just like trees. Each variety of olive tree in our garden represents a nation, and the fact that they can grow together is an extraordinary message of hope and unity.

Where the Project Was Born: Paciano, a Village of Peace

On this Tree Day, I briefly want to remember that TGoP has its roots in a special place, the medieval village of Paciano, located in Italy. Paciano, with its millennia-old history, surrounded by olive groves, has been the source of inspiration for our mission. This ancient village, whose name derives from Janus Bifrons, the ancient Roman god of peace, has contributed, along with the olive tree, the plant of peace, to the foundations of our vision to promote peace through the unity of nations, just like the varieties of olive trees from around the world that we propose in our Gardens of Peace.

An Invitation to Celebrate with Us

We invite you all to reflect on the connection between trees and peace. Consider how TGoP’s mission contributes to promoting harmony and unity among nations through the olive plant. This holiday is the perfect occasion to support our noble cause, by registering through the website: where you will find news in four languages.

In Conclusion

In closing, Tree Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate and protect our natural environment while reflecting on our commitment to peace. The olive tree, a symbol of peace, represents the hope that, like trees, nations can grow and thrive together. Peace is possible, and TGoP is proving that it can be cultivated like a garden of olive tree varieties from around the world. I wish you all a wonderful Tree Day, whenever it is celebrated in your country, and thank you for your ongoing support in our peace mission.

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