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Country: Montenegro
Purpose: Dual-purpose (table and oil)
Distribution: Littoral of Montenegro where it covers about 65% of the olive-growing area.
Synonyms: “Bjelica”; “Bjeliza”; “Zutiza”
Agronomic and commercial considerations: A very old variety, its presence in the Montenegrin littoral dates to ancient times. It is a vigorous and productive cultivar with a marked tendency to alternate production. It flowers early and is self-compatible. It enters production early and matures in the intermediate period. It has a high resistance to fruit detachment, which makes mechanised harvesting difficult. Strong winds or snow can break its branches easily. It is a popular cultivar among local consumers. It is moderately susceptible to olive leaf spot (Cycloconium oleaginum) but sensitive to attacks from olive fly (Bactrocera oleae) and low temperatures. It is resistant to olive knot (Pseudomonas savastanoi) and olive anthracnose (Gleosporium olivarum).

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