‘El Olivar, Riqueza Natural’ (The Olive Grove, Natural Wealth)

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By Raúl Cerezo García

An innovative project was born in Andalusia: ‘El Olivar, Riqueza Natural’ (The Olive Grove, Natural Wealth)

The project ‘El Olivar, Riqueza Natural’ presents itself as an innovative educational model that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of teaching. By creatively fusing educational disciplines with the environment in which olive trees are cultivated, the conditions for dynamic learning have been created, seamlessly merging theory with effective practical experience. The preservation of the history and cultural values associated with olive growing, the promotion of sustainability and environmental awareness, and the effective collaboration between various entities are the fundamental pillars that reinforce the uniqueness and ongoing success of this project.

The objectives of the project

The methodology, based on active student participation through practical activities and interactive tools, has proven to be an effective learning vehicle. Additionally, the dissemination of knowledge through communication channels such as documentaries and books amplifies the project’s impact, extending its benefits beyond the school classrooms.

The creation of an immersive educational environment that leverages the resources of the olive grove to promote interdisciplinary learning aims not only to convey academic knowledge but also to cultivate a lasting appreciation for local agricultural culture and its impact on the community.

Entities involved

The essential synergy among various key entities has been crucial for the success of this project. The strategic collaboration between the different institutions (Region of Andalusia and Province of Granada), and the economic and human support from the Municipality of Moclín, coupled with the active participation of the Educational Community in the municipalities within the jurisdiction of Moclín, has been fundamental in achieving the set objectives. It is also essential to emphasize the valuable contribution of the “Olivares Monumentales de Andalucía” Association, chaired by Manuel Lucena Sánchez, and the collaboration with the International Association “The Garden of Peace,” led by Francesco Serafini, which have significantly strengthened the future development prospects of the project.


In conclusion, “‘El Olivar, Riqueza Natural’” not only enriches the educational experience but also fosters a deeper connection between students and their environment, cultivating not only academic knowledge but also a lasting appreciation for the cultural and natural richness that the olive grove provides. This project serves as a beacon of inspiration and a paradigmatic example of how educational innovation can positively shape the present and future of generations to come.


Raúl Cerezo García,  Maestro y Secretario del CEIP Federico García Lorca. Director del Proyecto Educativo “El Olivar, Riqueza Natural”

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