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Country: Turkey
Purpose: Dual-purpose (table and oil)
Distribution: Widespread on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, it occupies almost the 80% of the olive groves in the Marmara area and the 11% of the country’s olive-growing acreage.
Synonyms: “Kaplik”, “Kara”, “Kiviricik”, “Trilye”
Agronomic and commercial considerations: The town of Gemlik is located on the Marmara coast in the north-west of the country, in the region of the same name that extends to Bursa. This region is known for being the origin of the most famous and most consumed variety in the country, the ‘Gemlik’, variety, with its very particular “sweetness” characteristic, since once it ripens it loses its natural bitterness. Its excellent pulp texture together with its very thin skin, make it the most popular variety for Gemlik style natural black olives. It has a high rhizogenic capacity, and is considered a partially self-compatible cultivar; excellent pollinators are “Ayvalik”, “Çakir” and “Erkence” varieties. It has an early entry into production and a high and constant productivity. Ripening, either green or black is very early. It is considered a variety of dual aptitude since, in addition to the above-mentioned characteristics as a table olive, it has a high oil content (29%). It is It has a high rhizogenic capacity.

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