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Country: Albania
Purpose: Oil
Distribution: Mainly diffused in the central areas of the country, in particular in Elbasan district, even if it’s also found it in Lushnjë, Tiranë and Durrës districts. However, it is also diffused in China.
Synonyms: “Bixa”, “Corra”, “Mixa”, “Mixaj”, “Mixani”, “Mixanj” and “Mizan”.
Agronomic and commercial considerations: It is a self-compatible cultivar with an early flowering and a high productivity. With a reduced vigor and an open habit, it has a high productivity and an almost regular production, not very alternating. It has a good rooting capacity and a high oil yield that can reach the 29%. It is a cold-hardy and high-temperature tolerant variety. It is also tolerant to olive anthracnose (Gleosporium olivarum), while it is susceptible to the olive leaf spot (Cycloconium oleaginum) and the olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae) attacks. It has a medium resistance to the verticillium wilt (Verticillium dahlia) and to the olive knot (Pseudomonas savastanoi).

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