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Country: France
Purpose: Oil
Distribution: Widespread in the Herault region
Synonyms: “Pourridale”, “Cul Blanc”, “Gangeole”, “Grosse Ronde”, “Groussaldo”, “Olive de Ganges”, “Olive Verte”, “Pourridale”, “Redounale”, “Redonale”, “Verdaou”, “Verdau”, “Verdava”, “Verdeau”, “Vereau”.
Agronomic and commercial considerations:
Low vigorous tree with upright growth habit. It is a variety with constant production and therefore not very alternating. Partially self-compatible, the Picholine, Grossane and Arbequina varieties are excellent pollinators. It is one of the main French oil varieties, but it is also used for the preparation of green olives. The oil is very sweet, and slightly spicy. The fruits must be processed immediately given their low tolerance to handling due to a very thin and sensitive epicarp. Very resistant to cold, sensitive to verticillium wilt (Verticillium dahliae), olive leaf spot (Cycloconium oleagineum) and olive fruit fly attack (Bactrocera oleae).

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