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Country: Tunisia
Purpose: Dual-purpose (table and oil)
Distribution: In particular, the northern Tunisia coast. It extends over about 35% of the country’s olive-growing acreage.
Synonyms: “Beldi”, “Chaibi”, “Tounsia”, “Zaiati”
Agronomic and commercial considerations: This cultivar has a medium hardiness with a high rooting capacity. The entry into production is medium as well as the flowering period. It is a self-compatible cultivar with a low but constant productivity. It ripens in December and, although it is considered of dual purpose, due to the production of black table olives, it is one of the most important oil varieties in Tunisia. It is present in almost all the northern olive-growing regions of the country, occupying the 90-95% of it. This variety adapts particularly good to the northern plains, where the rainfall is never less than 400 mm per year. The oil yield is medium and the detachment of the pulp from the seed is easy. It is tolerant to cold temperatures and salinity environments, but it needs a good water supply. It is also resistant to the most common fetopathies, although it is sensitive to the olive leaf spot (Cycloconium oleaginum).

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