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Country: Italy
Purpose: Oil
Distribution: Central Italy, but it is also widespread in many other countries.
Synonyms: “Bresa fina”, “Comune”, “Correggiolo”, “Crognolo”, “Frantoiano”, “Gentile”, “Infrantoio”, “Laurino”, “Nostrato”, “Oliva lunga”, “Pendaglio”, “Pignattello”, “Raggio”, “Raggiolo”, “Rajo”, “Razza”, “Razzo”, “Solciaro”, “Stringona”.
Agronomic and commercial considerations: This is a variety of high and constant productivity. Appreciated for its adaptability, its high rhizogenesis and its early entry into production. This variety is self-compatible, even if it improves its productivity with the presence of suitable pollinators such as the “Leccino” or “Moraiolo” varieties. The ripening period is late and gradual. The oil content is medium, but with a very appreciated and stable fruitiness over time. It has a rather vigorous and, at the same time, very abundant fruiting. It is a plant very sensitive to the olive leaf spot (Cycloconium oleaginum), to the olive knot (Pseudomonas savastanoi) and to cold temperatures.

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