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Country: Cyprus
Purpose: Dual-purpose (table and oil)
Distribution: It is spreading especially in the new plantations realized in Cyprus
Synonyms: Clone of the “Local” variety.
Agronomic and commercial considerations: Archaeological excavations have brought to light in the Neolithic sites, the remais of ancient stone mills together with the remains of olive processing, as early as the Late Bronze Age and the Hellenistic period. The olive tree and its products have always played a fundamental role in the Cypriot family, both in nutrition, logically, and in religious rituals. In fact, the word “Olive” appears in the names of places, monuments, etc. all over the island, which further demostrates its importance. The variety “Kato Drys” is a clone of the most common variety in Cyprus, which is the “Local” cultivar. The need to create an improved clone is due to the acceptance by the local market of the mentioned variety “Local” so, while preserving its organoleptic parameters, this clone was created to improve certain characteristics such as growth, yield, fruit weight, oil content, pulp/seed ratio, table olive conservation, rhizogenic capacity of the cuttings and resistance to biotic (also called biological, which are those living) and abiotic factors (light, soil, water, air and the set of climatic factors).
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