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Country: Egypt
Purpose: Table olive
Distribution: Giza, Al-Fayyum, Ban-Suwaif. It has also spread to Tunisia, Algeria, Syria and Argentina.
Synonyms: “Teffahi”, “Olivo Mela”, “Pomme”, “Pommette”, “Tefahi”, “Tefha”, “Tafahi”, “Titah”, “Tofahi”, “Toffai”, “Touffahi”
Agronomic and commercial considerations: Rustic plant with medium rhizogenic capacity. It is a self-compatible variety with early flowering, as well as an early entry into production. Productivity is constant. It has large fruits with a low oil percentage, around 7%. A positive characteristic is the easy flesh detachment from the stone. It is sensitive to olive fruit fly attacks (Bactrocera oleae).

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