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The “Garden of Peace” Project

The opportunities of the garden of peace

The “birth” of the Garden of Peace will be an opportunity to build a social climate of solidarity and inclusiveness and oppose all sorts of intolerance and violence. Under the shadow of the olive tree we could meet and nurture a renewed spirit of collaboration. The operational prospects and development could be multiple and extend the range of influence from the commercial sector to the tourism and culture industry, creating real “bridges” between different nations and peoples.

The objective of the project

The main objective of this project is therefore to create, in various countries, a garden of olive trees with varieties from the Mediterranean basin and beyond. The various locations that will be chosen will be able to accommodate these collections and will therefore be the protagonists of an ancient and mystical story that speaks of peace.

The preparation of the plants

The multiplication of olive plants is carried out in collaboration with the Worldwide Olive Germplasm Bank based in Cordova (Spain), through the selection of a significant variety from 21 major olive-growing countries, which represent about 95% of world production. This multiplication is carried out first in the collection field, where expert agronomists make the various cuttings that will then be grown in specially equipped greenhouses protected from adverse weather conditions and different pathogenic factors. At the end of the process, the seedlings will be sent to the countries that wish to join the project, accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate.