A new Garden of Peace is born in Morocco

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By Francesco Serafini and Oriano Spadoni

Inauguration of the Garden of Peace in Tangier – Morocco


We are pleased to announce that on 15 June, the Garden of Peace, an emblematic project developed by The Garden of Peace (TGoP) association, was inaugurated in Tangier, Morocco at the Animal Sanctuary. This garden, the first of its kind in Africa, is part of a global initiative that seeks to promote peace, tolerance, and cooperation among different cultures through the planting of olive trees, a universal symbol of peace and wisdom.

A shelter of empathy and unity


The Animal Sanctuary is an extension of the Sanctuary of Fauna of Tangier (SFT), the largest animal sanctuary in the country, dedicated to the protection and welfare of animals. This sanctuary is not only a refuge for animals but also an educational space where children and adults can learn about the importance of empathy and respect for all forms of life.

Like all other gardens that the TGoP association has implemented in other countries, the one in Tangier also features 21 varieties of olive trees from 21 different countries, representing diversity and unity among nations. These olive trees not only beautify the space but also serve as meeting and reflection points where visitors from all over the world can share experiences and build cultural bridges.

Promoting peace and biodiversity


The creation of this garden is a testament to the commitment of TGoP and SFT to promoting peace and inclusion, highlighting the importance of preserving biodiversity and fostering a supportive and understanding social climate. We invite everyone to visit this oasis of serenity and join our efforts to build a more peaceful and harmonious world.

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